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University of Vermont

After arriving home from school, I let myself forget about all of the crap going on in Vermont. That was before I got back on Tumblr and found that the entire Sigma Phi Epsilon newsfeed consisted of nothing more then this. It’s embarrassing as a SigEp to have something so terrible attached to the organization that has changed my life in ways that I could not have possibly dreamed of. It only takes one idiot and a few people looking the other way to stain the great name of any organization.

Not only was this a blemish on SigEp, but on Greek and College life in general. This is not how we act. Our principles of virtue, diligence and brotherly love are entwined into everything we do. We are told to guard our honor and to shatter the immorality and passion that binds us, because this only leads to dishonor and degradation.

This chapter was suspended because they allowed for this fundamental idea to be ignored, and thus have paid the price. I would hope that everyone who heard about this incident would be reminded that this does not represent who we are.

I am a SigEp, and as such, I believe that women should be treated with respect. I believe that Honor and Virtue are as essential in manhood as in womanhood, and it is my duty to protect both. My brothers share these beliefs with me.

This fraternity is different. We do our best to guide young men to become leaders in their community and their world. We are not perfect, like anything else in this world, but we do not condone this behavior, nor will we ever.

Thank you

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